Alopecia disease is hair loss in men and women. It progresses in a progressive way. Over time, the person falls hair not only on the head, but also on other parts of the body. Alopecia manifests itself differently in men and women. Strong sex using Kamagra (buy it from australian shop usually suffers from complete baldness. Women’s hair becomes rarer.

According to the variants of hair loss alopecia are subdivided into:

• Focal (only some areas of the body remain bald);

• Diffuse (the hair on the whole body is noticeably thinning);

• Total (no hair on the whole body).



1. The main symptom is a clear decrease in hair density. The loss can occur both in some areas and throughout the body. This directly depends on the form of alopecia.

2. Initially, the hair is thinned out and falls in the forehead area. Gradually this process goes to the parietal part of the head.

3. At a focal lesion hair falls only on some areas. Thus having the form of an oval or a circle. Over time, the area of baldness becomes larger in size. The hairs bordering on the lesion are becoming rarer and gradually thinning. It happens that on the affected areas hair grows anew. But it is not for long, after a while they also fall out. After such a process, the pockets of baldness become more and more. This is the first symptom of absolute hair loss. In this case, not only hair, but eyebrows and eyelashes begin to fall out.

4. The hair loss process can begin with the baldness of the skin. The thyroid of iron or adrenal glands will suffer.

5. Damage to the skin. These places are on the border of already bald areas and thinning hair.

Alopecia can be inherited. In such cases children suffer from symptoms of the disease. They are prone not only to hair loss, but also to various vices in the overall development. At hereditary alopecia the hair falls out at once in several family members.

Classification of Alopecia:

• Focal, circular lesion of plots

• Traumatic

• Nest

• Hereditary

• Seborrheic

• Scar

• diffusion


It is possible to recognize alopecia without much effort. A person with such disease is allocated a partial or complete absence of hair. To assign the correct treatment must identify the reason for its appearance. It is already much more difficult to do. will have to undergo research, which is engaged in a doctor-trihologist.He appoints the necessary examination, which includes:

  • examination of the thyroid gland
  • Hormonal background examination
  • Study of blood composition for the presence of male hormone
  • General Blood analysis
  • Hair Research


In the process of treatment of the disease is important to observe the mode of washing the head and nutrition. When mature hair starts to fall out, the peak of alopecia activity occurs after 3 months. Often, when receiving medication and the correct diet, the hair quickly begins to recover.

At scar type Alopecia it is necessary to quickly identify the cause of hair loss. Otherwise it can develop into a total form. Surgical treatment is required, which consists in removal of scars and direct hair transplantation.

In the treatment of androgenic alopecia are prescribed drugs for the restoration of hormonal disorders and preparations containing minoxidil. The efficacy of this medication will depend on the duration of the treatment. In many patients, hair begins to grow only a year after taking the medication. It is worth considering that this drug has a number of contraindications. It is forbidden in case of cardiac disturbance and pregnant women. After taking the medication, a hair transplant is supposed.

Nest alopecia may disappear without medication. It is necessary to eliminate the causes of stressful situations. But this type of relapse is possible. For the treatment of alopecia developed medicines based on plants.

Therapy for traumatic alopecia produced by doctors psychologists and psychotherapists. In the process of treatment are prescribed sedatives. If the cause of hair loss is dermatomycosis, designate therapy antiviral type. After it the growth of new hair resumes.


To observe the diet, there is a useful food;

Comb the hair at least 3 times per day;

properly wash the hair;

Massage the head;

Protect hair and scalp from sudden temperature fluctuations;

Reduce stressful situations whenever possible.

Summing up, it can be said that alopecia arises not only after traumas, but can also carry hereditary character. Following simple rules for the care of the body and hair, you can prevent hair loss. For the very first symptoms of alopecia, one should immediately seek advice from a trichologist.